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Meat: A Love Story by Susan Bourette

By Susan Bourette

The amusingly enlightening experience of a girl attempting to find the reality approximately meat— and why it’s nonetheless more than enough to eat.

After spending every week operating undercover at a slaughterhouse and being stricken by blood, the stink, and the squeals of animals being herded to their loss of life, writer Susan Bourette made up our minds to head vegetarian. She lasted 5 weeks and thirty-seven hours.

upset with tofu and lentils, Bourette puzzled, Isn’t there how to have my meat and a transparent judgment of right and wrong too? It’s a query that would resonate with hundreds of thousands of fortunately carnivorous Americans—we devour extra meat consistent with capita than the other nation—who are unwilling to renounce steak for soy yet are alarmed approximately mad cow disorder, E.coli poisoning, and the filthy, inhumane stipulations on chook and farm animals farms.

On a quest for more advantageous meat, Susan Bourette takes readers in the back of the bucolic facade of the well-known Blue Hill farm, north of recent York urban; on an extended, sizzling livestock force at a Texas ranch; a whale hunt with the Inuit in Canada; a Canadian moose hunt; and in the back of the counter in a Greenwich Village butcher store. funny but authoritative, Meat: A Love Story celebrates the deliciousness of meat and the lives of the passionate execs who hunt, bring up, or cook dinner it. With a deft contact, Bourette explores what it capacity to be a compassionate carnivore.

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With that, Mike cocks his head and inhales deeply before he begins a spiel he’s surely mouthed dozens of times before. ” he growls rhetorically. ” It was all about the money. That’s why I was here. I wasn’t looking to do a story about meat but rather the meat business. I came to work undercover for a Canadian business magazine, to give the white-collar class a glimpse into a world inhabited by workers whose blue collars are splattered with blood. I came to try to explain the rationale behind a business that grinds up and spits out its workers with the same breakneck speed that it uses to turn pig into pork.

The smell is as old as time—harking back to the days when the caveman clubbed his first woolly mammoth. The aesthetic is as new and shiny as the latest Marc Jacobs. We are culinary tourists here, the new face of Queen Street West. I’m fighting to keep my balance on this slippery concrete floor and out of harm’s way. A good distance from the four-hundred-pound slab of flesh dangling on a meat hook, or “on the rail,” as they say in the vernacular of the trade. On one side of me is a thirty-year-old Johnny Depp look-alike, who looks like he wandered straight off the set of Pirates of the Caribbean.

A place that not so long ago looked like it was cut out of a vintage postcard, circa 1956. A neighborhood where Euro-style delis are filled with sausage links that hang like stalactites from the ceiling, buttressed up against old-world butcher shops and grubby bars. Slavic-looking men with noses shaped like the kielbasa that decorate their stores, their moustaches about as long and coarse as the brooms they push. Shops like the Prague Deli, where you can order from the same bill of fare served up here for decades: classics like Gypsy goulash, tripe soup, and pierogies slathered in sour cream and bacon.

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