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Human Animals by Frank Hamel

By Frank Hamel

1915. From the plentiful files and traditions facing the curious trust that sure women and men can remodel themselves into animals, Mr. Hamel accumulated a couple of cases and examples which throw clean gentle at the topic either from the viewpoint of folks lore and occultism. The explanations of transformation are a number of: touch with a wer-animal, touching what he has touched, donning an animal epidermis, rubbing the physique with ointment, slipping on a girdle, buckling on a strap, and lots of different expedients, magical and in a different way, could result in the metamorphosis. This ebook is meant to supply a entire view of the topic and to familiarize the reader with the character of the phenomena.

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Short women who flap their arms and waddle in the style of penguins tall ones who have the graceful sliding movement of the giraffe persons of either sex who jerk along with hops like feathered creatures on a lawn are all to be met with any day. Mrs. Heron stalks in with solemnity and stateliness, and cranes her neck to find something she has mislaid. She has a prying face, sharp nose, and small projecting qualities so lower, coarse ; ; chin. 1 Mulford, Prentice, " The Gift of the Spirit," 1904.

In the dark ages sorcerers capable of this accomplishment were dealt with according to the law, and hundreds were sent to trial for practising black arts, being condemned, in most instances, to be burnt alive or broken on the wheel. One of the most notorious historical cases was that of Pierre Bourgot, who served the devil for two years and was tried by the Inquisitor-General Boin. Johannus Wierius^ gives in full the confession of Bourgot, otherwise called Great Peter, and of Michael Verding. The prisoners, who were accused of wicked practices in December, 1521, believed they had been transformed into wolves.

The young man, still half asleep, put his hand to his right ear and drew forth a hideous hairy worm of monstrous Then putting his hand to his left ear he drew forth another similar worm. Thus the devil by which he had been possessed came forth in the form of two worms, and the young man, returning to himself, threw size. SCAPEGOAT AND SAINT 47 himself at the saint's feet and prayed for pardon. He was formally admitted to the monastery and remained there as a monk until 1520. Birds, too, have been employed to carry away any evil, —from leprosy to The freckles.

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