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Fisheries Research in the Hudson River by C. Lavett Smith

By C. Lavett Smith

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Length, weight, age, sex ) Page 15 capabilities. The fisheries data are grouped by survey, and each data set is split into levels of increasing resolution (Table 2). Each level of an SAS file consists of one data subset containing all values pertaining to a particular aspect of the sampling effort and organized in a rectangular matrix of rows and columns. Each observation (row) contains one value for each variable (column). Each observation in a level is uniquely identified by key identifier variables which contain the special identifier for a given level plus the identifiers from all previous levels.

Standard physicochemical parameters were measured concurrently with each far-field survey haul or tow. Although minor changes occurred in each survey between 1973 and 1980, they comprise Page 18 Table 4 Summary of far-field distribution, abundance, and species composition data sets for Hudson River fishes collected by Texas Instruments Incorporated. /m3 by life stage 2-Lengths for striped bass larvae in-1976-1980 3-Water chemistry 4-Epibenthic sled, Tucker trawl 5-Stratified random design 6-Weekly runs, day or night, Apr-Jul (Feb-Apr for Atlantic tomcod) 1-Comparable data set for early life stages from 1974-1980 in area from Km 22-224.

Keeser 287 12 PCB Patterns in Hudson River Fish: I. Resident Freshwater Species R. W. Armstrong and R. J. Sloan 304 13 PCB Patterns in Hudson River Fish: II. Migrant and Marine Species R. J. Sloan and R. W. Armstrong 325 Part VIII Management 14 Management Recommendations for a Hudson River Atlantic Sturgeon Fishery Based On an Age-Structured Population Model John R. Young, Thomas B. Hoff, William P. Dey, and James G. S. TITexas Instruments, Inc. All common and scientific names of fishes follow the recommendations of the American Fisheries Society Committee on Names of Fishes (1980) Page x LIST OF TABLES Table 1 Sources of data displays, technical reports, computerized data tapes, and documentation packages for fisheries data sets, 1971-1980, p.

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