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An Introduction to Feeding Farm Livestock by Robert H. Nelson

By Robert H. Nelson

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W h a t do you understand by the term "crude protein" ? 7. Proteins are composed of a number of simpler substances. W h a t are these called? 8. Which group of farm feeds contain the least protein? 9. Which crops could be grown to obtain the highest yield of protein per acre? 28 An Introduction to Feeding Farm Livestock 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. What is the approximate protein content of the cereals? Which bough t-in feeds contain the highest percentage of protein? To what use does the animal put protein?

Name three accessory organs of the digestive system. 7. What names are given to (a) grazing animals, (b) flesh-eating animals? 8. Approximately how much saliva does a cow produce in 24 hours? How does this compare with the pig? 9. W h a t is the function of the oesophagus? 10. N a m e the four compartments of the ruminant stomach. 48 An Introduction to Feeding Farm Livestock 11. Besides the enzymes pepsin and rennin, another substance is produced by the stomach—what is it? 12. What are villi and where are they found?

It can be added as a proprietary supplement. As with minerals, the cost of adding vitamins to rations is very small, whereas the losses from unthrifty stock suffering from a deficiency disease can be very great. This alone warrants the addition of supplements to the rations. On the other hand, if the basic principles of good husbandry are followed, many troubles should not arise. It is when too much is expected of stock, either by trying to stimulate production too far or by trying to make do with inadequate housing, or rations that are not up to standard, that these deficiencies are likely to show themselves.

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