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Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration by Peter Brimelow

By Peter Brimelow

The arguable, bestselling ebook (37,500 hardcover copies offered) that is helping outline the controversy approximately essentially the most vital and hotly contested matters dealing with the USA: immigration.

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This example may illustrate that the networks spanning village and port town were, in fact, ‘networks of subordination’ or, more precisely, infrastructures of subordinating labour. Yet they did not work all that smoothly, were ridden with contradictions and constantly subject to social conflict and renegotiation. Significantly, the most substantial conflicts arose concerning those nodes of maritime labour networks that were most unambiguously in the shipping companies’ interest. 116 The refusal or inability of a lascar to pay the previously agreed share of his wages to the serang could lead to extremely tense relations on board ship.

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