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Alaska Science Nuggets (Natural History) by Neil Davis

By Neil Davis

Do iceworms consume ice?  are you able to pay attention the aurora?  How does mosquito repellent work?  Why are Alaskan volcanoes flippantly spaced alongside the coast?  Is it attainable for decent water to freeze speedier than chilly water?  the place are Alaska's greater than a hundred twenty five scorching springs?  Why are northern twilights so long?  Do glaciers slide or do they flow?  Why do snowflakes flutter as they fall? In Alaska technological know-how Nuggets, Neil Davis solutions those and lots of different fascinating questions within the interesting and informative variety that makes him considered one of Alaska's favourite technology writers.  This compendium of approximately four hundred articles, together with articles via different individuals to a technological know-how column carried by means of a number of Alaska newspapers, discusses phenomena as varied because the northern lighting, permafrost, glaciers, meteorology, volcanoes, earthquakes, archaeology, Alaskan crops, mammoths, early people, and northerly living. Tourists and long-time Alaskans alike have made this much-loved publication a bestseller for years.  Alaska technology Nuggets is a smart reference or reward for someone attracted to the outstanding common historical past of the North.

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Like the aurora, the auroral electrojets change rapidly with time. The strongest currents may last only a few minutes, and much of the time they are quite weak. Currents induced in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and other pipelines can promote corrosion which limits the lifetime of the pipe. Also, the auroral electrojet currents induce so much current in long electrical transmission lines that power outages can result when protective breakers are tripped. This is a consideration to be taken into account in the design of transmission lines, such as the intertie between Anchorage and Fairbanks, now being contemplated.

Still roughly 100 km above the surface, the aurora there is more than 600 miles distant. Hence, the aurora seen to meet the eastern horizon at Fairbanks is actually nearly directly overhead at Whitehorse, and visa versa. Similarly, an arc or band seen from Fairbanks to be 20 degrees above the north horizon is directly overhead Fort Yukon. The ray structure often seen in arcs and bands marks out the orientation of the magnetic field, nearly vertical at high latitude. The vertical extent of Page 10 Auroral Rays: When seen from the side the rays resemble a picket fence.

He wrongly thought that the aurora is caused by sunlight reflecting from the high atmosphere. Galileo's original error has propagated through nearly four centuries to the present time. Misinformed by geography books written as late as fifty years ago, a surprising number of people still labor under the misconception that the aurora is sunlight glinting off the high atmosphere, off the polar icecap or off falling snow or ice crystals. Instead, the aurora is an actual light source created in the high atmosphere.

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