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Advancing Materials Research by Peter A. and H. Dale Langford (editors) Psaras

By Peter A. and H. Dale Langford (editors) Psaras

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Von Neumann introduced mathematical elegance at the same time. Sommerfeld and Bethe's monumental About this PDF file: This new digital representation of the original work has been recomposed from XML files created from the original paper book, not from the original typesetting files. Page breaks are true to the original; line lengths, word breaks, heading styles, and other typesetting-specific formatting, however, cannot be retained, and some typographic errors may have been accidentally inserted.

It combines new and once-separate realms of learning and practice and is slowly recasting age-old academic habits. It is intrinsic in industrial and governmental programs to achieve automation of design and process. It is basic to the growth of new technical capabilities such as photonics, bioengineering support and repair of human organs, exploration of space and the oceans, and preservation of the environment. Most of all it is a worthy exercise of the mind. A national program in materials science and engineering is a new venture in this century of science and technology.

Third, the contract provided, in most cases, reimbursement over 10 years for the new construction required to do modern experimentation on materials. Fourth, the longevity of the contract induced the university to allocate to the project scarce and prime space in the middle of the campus, thereby establishing the maximum informal connections among disciplines. Fifth, central experimental facilities (such as those for electron microscopy or crystal growth) could have state-of-the-art equipment, even if it was very expensive, and they served as a mixing ground for students and faculty from several disciplines.

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