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Advances in Organic Crystal Chemistry: Comprehensive Reviews by Rui Tamura, Mikiji Miyata

By Rui Tamura, Mikiji Miyata

For the decade, the subjects of natural crystal chemistry became various, and every subject has been considerably complex in live performance with the quick improvement of assorted analytical and size ideas for solid-state natural fabrics. the purpose of this ebook is to systematically summarize and list the new remarkable advances in a variety of subject matters of natural crystal chemistry regarding liquid crystals and organic–inorganic hybrid fabrics which have been accomplished frequently within the final five years or so. The authors are invited individuals of the department of natural Crystals, The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), and popular invited specialists from in another country. This edited quantity is deliberate to be released periodically, no less than each five years, with contributions through renowned authors in Japan and from abroad.

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Here we focus on crystallization of the 1,10-dihydroxydecane/urea system. Our in situ solid-state 13 C NMR study [41] of the co-crystallization of urea and 1,10-dihydroxydecane from methanol was carried out under conditions known to promote the formation of the 1:2 co-crystal rather than the conventional urea inclusion compound [43–49] (in which the 1,10-dihydroxydecane molecules are located as “guests” inside the one-dimensional tunnels in a hydrogen-bonded urea “host” structure). In these experiments, 13 C-labelled urea was used in order to enhance the sensitivity of the measurement.

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