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Advanced Kick Boxing (Martial Arts) by Pat O'Keefe

By Pat O'Keefe

Designed to be easy and transparent, this can be a finished handbook on kick boxing. It seeks to give an explanation for every thing a kick boxer must be aware of to boost complicated talents within the recreation.

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Fig. 70) 3) Blast his lead leg away with the flat of your foot, ensuring you carry on through the line of his foot and continue upwards. (Fig. 71) This technique works by using the momentum of the falling high roundhouse kick and by continuing the arc of the sweep through and upwards so that it falls from his head to the foot and then up like a pendulum. It works best when your opponent braces himself to block the incoming roundhouse kick, thus trapping his weight and setting it up to be blasted away.

38, 39 and 40) Even experienced fighters will occasionally ‘scissor’ their jab – that is, allow their right guarding hand to move backwards as they throw a jab. (Fig. 41) This provides the perfect opportunity to power in your counter. Practise this by having your training partner hold a shield on his right arm and throw a jab at you with his left. The instant you see movement from his lead hand, jump and spin into the technique. (Fig. 42) As always, the big bag is the tool for building knockout power.

Fig. 73) 3) Finish the knockout combination by throwing a committed cross to the jaw on the other side of his face. (Fig. 74) Practise this combination on the focus pads, remembering to curve your body behind the hooks and to take half a pace forward with your rear foot during the execution of the cross. If your opponent has a tendency to overreact when you throw head punches, you can turn this combination into a mediumrange attack by preceding it with a jab/cross. This five-punch combination is fast and very strong; practise it on the focus pads and be sure to curve your body behind the shots.

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