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A primer of the art of illumination for the use of by Freeman Gage Delamotte

By Freeman Gage Delamotte

Искусство иллюминирования манускриптов. Трактат об искусстве. Практическое пособие для начинающих с примерами буквиц и иницалов из средневековых рукописей.

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Read Online or Download A primer of the art of illumination for the use of beginners: with a rudimentary treatise on the art, practical directions for its exercise, and examples taken from illuminated mss. PDF

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Sample text

Any supposed to be laid on the drawing of the letters board, and kept steady by a single pin in the centre of its upper no need for perfect rigidity as there are no /I side, there being ) squaring or ^ the > over parallel lines in this illumination. it, every line with well. Run over and a your light keep the book open as Remove the tracing paper, and adjust it over the cardas to bring the tracing over the desired spot. Adjust the weights, hand. s*b to trace softest pencil with a fine point, easily so arranged as to board, Proceed from the example by laying a piece of tracing paper with weights to steady it, the same weights may be initial slip the red paper underneath, take your ivory point and begin tracing off ; and of this, let it be remarked, that nothing but practice can give the begin- A ner the requisite skill to make a good tracing.

Do. 9 parti-color'd ground Cicero, Tusculanse Initial and bracket Questiones. Cicero, Epistolae fa- The white branch, c. miliares 1470. 1480. 1481. Cicero, Epistobe, ^Esop's Fables. Liber Psalmorurm &c. Border and initial. 8 n " All these specimens are in the King's Library. >: f DELAMOTTE'S PRIMER OF ILLUMINATION. 3 ^taliau anb DATE. 1482. 6mnan NAME OF SPECIMEN. Euclid's Geometry. ) WHERE TO BE POINTS TO BE NOTED. * Case X. 5 19 initials. Case IX. i 16 picture. Case X. 7 19 Do. 19 20 Do. 20 20 parti-coloured back- 1484.

The ink outline should be complete strong and r 1 DELAMOTTE'S PRIMER OF ILLUMINATION. 38 weak where needed, as in the outline illustration of our specimen, and should be clean and firm all this while keep a clean piece of paper under the working hand. The outline being completed, the next thing will be to prepare the colours. ' illumination, whether Body English, but is most prominently observable in the Italian. ; obtained by simply mixing a small quantity of some opaque substance the colour. Zinc, or Chinese white, are most commonly employed French, Italian, or Oriental It is with for the purpose ; and the best mode of construction is one of the metal tubes, squeeze a drop about the the slab, and then rub the colour over it.

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