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A grammar of Mosetén by Jeanette Sakel

By Jeanette Sakel

Moseten belongs to the small, unclassified language relations Mosetenan and is spoken through approximately 800 humans within the foothills of the Bolivian Andes and the adjacent lowland sector. This ebook presents a grammatical description of Moseten within the kind of a descriptive reference grammar. it's according to the author's large fieldwork in Bolivia and is meant to be entire and aimed toward linguists from all backgrounds. Belonging to an unclassified language kin, Moseten is of designated curiosity to typologists, ancient linguists, touch linguists and South Americanists. The grammar is split right into a bankruptcy on phonology (2.) and 6 chapters at the morphology: morphological approaches (3.) the nominal procedure (4.), pronouns and reference (5.), adjectives and adverbs (6.), quantification (7.) and the verbal procedure (8.). those chapters are via voice (9.), negation (10.) and modality and discourse markers (11.). eventually, there are syntactically orientated chapters on clause kinds (12.) and clause combos (13.). within the appendix, 3 sorts of texts, an inventory of morphemes, a listing of references and additional bibliographical notes are extra. additionally, there's an index. This grammar is the 1st available and complete description of a Mosetenan language.

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In interrogative clauses, a questionmarking particle indicates the type of question. Information questions are furthermore marked by an interrogative pronoun. Clause combinations can be carried out in various ways. 'Andycoordinations are marked by juxtaposition or a particle, while the clitics -ki and -tsa ' mark contrastive coordination. There are various ways of expressing subordination of clauses in complement clauses, adverbial clauses and relative clauses. Moreover, participial clause combinations occur, where one or more verbs appear as participles, while only the main verb is inflected.

5. Trills /r/ is a short trill. Usually, the tongue hits the gum ridge only once. It can appear at the beginning of the syllable (2: 102) and at the end of the syllable (2: 103): (2: 102) [rax] [P~P~x] (2:103) [fer] [fen] 'all' 'father in law' ' strong' 'egg' Some people pronounce /r/ as a retroflex flap [[l.

The vocabularies are of the languages Canichana, Cayubaba, Movima, Maropa, MosetCn, Pacahuara and Tacana. He finds MosetCn 'Frenchy in its pronunciation', which probably is due to the nasalized vowels. Lucien Adam (1889), a French scholar, made in 1889 the attempt to extract grammatical information fiom Herrero's catechism, taking also into account the information presented in Heath. He claims that MosetCn does not seem to be related to the Mojo languages nor other known languages in Bolivia. Lafone Quevedo (190111902)'~published Armentia's manuscript in the years 1901 and 1902.

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