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A Grammar of Mongsen Ao (Mouton Grammar Library) by Coupe, A.R.

By Coupe, A.R.

A Grammar of Mongsen Ao, the results of the authors fieldwork over a ten-year interval, offers the 1st finished grammatical description of a language spoken in Nagaland, north-east India. The languages of this sector stay under-documented for a couple of old purposes. through the 19th and early 20th centuries, the common cultural perform of head-hunting discouraged outsiders from getting into the Naga Hills. almost immediately after Indian independence in 1947, an armed uprising by means of Naga separatists and a central authority coverage of proscribing entry to the sector ensured that Nagaland remained a tough position to behavior study. during this context, A Grammar of Mongsen Ao deals invaluable new insights into the constitution of a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in a linguistically little-known quarter of the realm. The grammatical research files all of the practical domain names of the language and comprises 4 glossed and translated texts, the latter being of curiosity to anthropologists learning folklore. Mongsen Ao is a hugely agglutinating, in most cases suffixing language with predominantly dependent-marking features. Its grammar demonstrates a few typologically fascinating positive factors which are defined intimately within the ebook. between those is an strange case marking approach within which grammatical marking is encouraged by means of semantic and pragmatic components, and a wealthy verbal morphology that produces difficult sequences of agglutinative suffixes. Grammaticalisation approaches also are mentioned the place proper, thereby extending the allure of the publication to linguists with pursuits in grammaticalisation thought. This publication may be of price to any linguist trying to make clear genetic relationships in the Tibeto-Burman relations, and it'll serve extra commonly as a reference grammar for typologists drawn to the typological function

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Dental and glottal.

Even within the one dialect differences can be substantial. One day when working on Mongsen texts with a Longchang Mongsen speaker and a Mebongchukit Mongsen speaker I was astonished to hear them discussing the data in Nagamese. When I asked why they didn’t communicate in Mongsen, they replied that their varieties were too different to understand each other easily, and that it was more convenient to use Nagamese! Another consultant reports that the Chungli varieties spoken on the northern end of the Lambangkong range differ significantly from standard Chungli based on the variety spoken in Molung Yimsen, to the extent that they are mutually unintelligible.

G. 2). In words spoken in isolation, the lexical tones are perceived to be consistently level. This is demonstrated by an acoustic analysis in Coupe (1998; 2003a: 102–110) that plots each toneme’s fundamental frequency contour as a function of absolute mean duration. Interacting with the lexical tone system realized on syllables is a postlexical intonation system that delineates chunks of data in higher domains – such as noun phrases, dependent clauses, and sometimes even independent clauses in extended discourse that we might identify as ‘the discourse paragraph’ for want of a better term.

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