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A Grammar of Mina by Frajzyngier, Zygmunt; Johnston, Eric

By Frajzyngier, Zygmunt; Johnston, Eric

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G. about a cloud-covered sky), kuloh 'gray'. The adjective nek 'good' appears to be one of those derived forms. We do not, however, have independently attested base forms without the ending -ek. Modification for these property concepts is realized by a construction consisting of the head noun, followed by the genitive marker to, followed by the modifier. Color terms belong to this type of modifier. ) Orange cloth' (38) rüküt to Ivey shirt GEN black 'a black shirt' Property concept words belonging to this group have to be reduplicated in the predicative construction, a property that is not shared by any other class of lexical items: (39) \vlzi bay-yii &dt 6am didek didek children chief-PL take eat sweet sweet 'The chiefs children took it and ate it.

We were able to identify only the following items as belonging to this class: baytarj 'large', par 'another'. The form baytarj appears to have the suffix n, the same suffix that is added to pronouns and deictics in phrase-final position. The evidence for this hypothesis is the distribution of the form baytarj, which occurs only in phrase-final position. In phrase-internal position the form is baytd. ' The second type of property concept words must have the relative marker md preceding them. The attributive construction is therefore quite similar to the attributive construction where the modifier is a relative clause.

The consequences of this rule include not only the emergence of various consonant clusters but also the emergence of schwa to prevent a disallowed cluster from emerging because of vowel deletion. Vowels that are grammatical markers, including derivational morphemes, are never deleted phrase internally or before a suffix. First an illustration of vowel deletion: (60) si tatag 3PL run 3PL 'they escaped' -» [i si tstarj ] häza to bitsi dog GEN Bitsi 'Bitsi's dog' -* [has to bici] -> [iststarj ] 22 Phonology to bitsi cow GEN Bitsi 'Bitsi 's cow' -» [{59 t9 bitsi] If the final vowel of a word is a derivational morpheme, as is the case with fci 'meat', most probably derived from fca 'cow', such a vowel is not deleted in contexts in which lexical vowels are always deleted: (61) foi to gdldärn-* meat GEN pig 'pork' [fei to gsldam] Vowel deletion is a means of coding phrasal boundary.

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