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A Comprehensive Dictionary of Inorganic Chemistry by Carmen Warren

By Carmen Warren

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Tliel~~ a~' JltJpourtletector ItlijfnlaionJNIItem II to no net flow ofelectric chaFge. The substance having dielectric properties shows piezoelectric effect. • dielectric vapour detector refers to an apparatus to measure the chan e in the dielectric g constant of gases ,of gas mixtures, used as a detector in gas chromatographs to sense changes in carrier gas. • dielectronic recombination the combination of an electron with a positive-ion in a gas; thus the energy released is taken up by two electrons of the resultingatom.

All crystals of the same substance grow so that they have the same angles between their faces. - cubic lattice a cubic lattice is name for the unit cell of solid crystalline structure of Sodium Chloride, NaC!. : - Dalton's atomic theory ~ a theory of chemical combina; tion, first stated by the British ~ chemist John Dalton (1766: 1844) in 1803. It involves the ~ following postulates: ; 1. elements consist of indivis: ible small particles (atoms). I : 2. all atoms of the same eleI ment are identical; different el~ ements have different types of : atom.

5°Cas ; heat is absorbed . ; _ ductility ~ the ability of a material to be : plastically deformed byelonga~ tion, without fracture. A prop; erty by which materials can be : drawn into wires. Silver and ~ gold are highly ductile. I : - duplet ~ a pair of electrons in a covalent ; chemical bond. ; - duralumin ' . . dry c~ll1S extensIvely used for flas~g~ts and other portable applicattons. _ dry cleaning the process of cleaning fabrics using solvents which dissolve dirt at low temperatures but d~ not swell fibr~s.

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