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A comprehensive dictionary of chemistry by Greg Willie

By Greg Willie

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Dialysis dialysis is the separation of components in a mixture by passing them across a semipermeable membrane. I • I I diamagnetism diamagnetic. Compare with paramagnetism. Diamagnetic materials are very weakly repelled by magnetic fields. The atoms or molecules of diamagnetic materials contain no unpaired spins. I • I : ~ ; : I I diastereomers diastereomers are stereoisomers that are not related as mirror images. The term is equally valid for both 3D and 2D molecules. Diastereomers differ in both their physical and chemical properties.

Energywise, very = = = = = = = = = = = = II 64 =======~* gangue Igeochemistry II similar to cosmic ray except that ' iOlllsmg radiation passes cosmIC rays originate from through it. outer space. , • gel compare with colloid. A gell is • gangue , a sol in which the solid particles sand, rock, and other impurities surrounding the mineral of in- I fuse or entangle to produce a terest in an ore. rigid 0'" semirigid mixture. For example, gelatin dissolved in • gas , water produces a sol of protein gases; vapour.

Covalent bond covalent; covalently bound. I In the addition of a nucleophile Compare with covalent com- to a carbonyl carbon the stereI II = = = = = = = =___ chmfinry II critical molar volume I crymil .. ,9 ochemistry of the major prod- I _ critical molar volume uct may be successfully pre- ~ (V) The molar volume at d1e dicted. The nucleophile will at- : critical point. irgi-D~tz ~ critical state. State at which two angle of about 109". As deplCted ; phases of a substance first bebelow, attack from one.

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