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A Brief Practical Guide to Eddy Covariance Flux by George Burba, Dan Anderson

By George Burba, Dan Anderson

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However, periodic setting of zero and span is recommended to make sure the instrument performs correctly. The zero and span settings make the analyzer's response agree with its previously determined factory response at a minimum of two points. The calibration requires manual interaction because a shroud must be inserted into the optical path. Calibration gases of 1% accuracy can often be obtained without too much difficulty; for higher accuracy the user should obtain WMO standards that are within the range of concentrations to be encountered during experimental measurements.

In the absence of grid power. This can significantly expand the Eddy Covariance CH4 flux measurements coverage, and possibly, significantly improve the budget estimates of world CH4 emissions and budget. For example, the consumption by entire open-path Eddy Covariance station in Florida Everglades was <30 Watts, including LI-7700 for CH4, LI-7500 for CO2/H2O, sonic anemometer, and air temperature/relative humidity sensors and barometer. The 12 lb. 5 kg) open-path methane analyzer was carried into the wetland by one person in a backpack, along with tools, other sensors, and a laptop.

It uses a dichroic beam splitter and two separate detectors to measure infrared absorption by CO2 and H2O in the same gas stream. The optical bench can be dismantled and cleaned by the user without the need for factory recalibration. jsp Further details on the specifications of LI-7000 can be found in the LI-7000 manual: 62 Brief Guide To Eddy Covariance Measurements |Burba & Anderson LI-7000 GEOGRAPHIC USE TERRESTRIAL AIRBORNE OCEANOGRAPHIC Continuous use in flux networks Housed in aircraft, air pulled into sample cell Sea-air water and CO2 flux Limited by sonic data during precipitation Measurements taken for short time periods Interference from gyroscopic effects Many of the LI-7000 applications are in terrestrial flux applications in flux networks.

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