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Join us for the Encinitas Holiday Market
Sunday December 5th, 2010
364 2nd St., Encinitas, CA
11am - 4pm

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Come explore the wares of underground artists and collectors showcasing their locally designed and produced clothing and accessories, as well as an infusion of visual art, dance toys, and some imported treasures! Be enthralled by live performances throughout the day, and don't miss the fashion show at 2pm!

What makes this Market different from any other? This collection of entrepreneurs won't be found in any store-front, and many of them don't even have an on-line shop - they are a group of individuals selling the wares that they are passionate about! What you will see here are vendors of locally designed and produced clothing and accessories, as well as an infusion of visual art, dance toys, and imported treasures.

This event will truly have something for everyone - fashion and accessory items ranging from sophisticated jewelry for mom, to funky accessories for your teenager, exotic feather earrings and headpieces, hand-made millinery, luscious faux fur hats and vests, leather and up-cycled pocket belts. We've got fashion for all (adult) ages and body types ("luvlee" sized too!), beautiful art and imported treasures for your home, dancing wings, hoops, even dazzling performances by local band Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters, Indirani, Hoopcharmer and more for the dragged-along family members (and of course you can also buy the CDs and DVDs of those performers, or give classes as gifts too!).

Luscious faux fur vests, hats, and cuffs · exotic feather earrings and hair pieces · bussles, bussle britches, and busslecoats · "luvlee" sized ladies fashions · fanciful top hats and millinery · dance hoops · isis wings · dance toys · handmade jewelry and ceramic art from Turkey · Imported home decor and instruments · much more!

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Featured Venders:

Beebo Originals - From funky faux fur creations to functional leather & fur utility belts and bussles, Beebo Originals strives to bring you that one item that will make any outfit extraordinary!

Princess Bunny Playwear - Princess Bunny creates and imports one-of-a-kind, from used formalwear and new materials. Corsets, pettiglos, handcrafted upcycled "bussles", busslebritches, busslecoats, & bootcovers . A head-to-toe, over-the-top look with functionality underneath, mostly hand-made locally by Princess Bunny herself.

Ekoti - Fabulous hats for all occasions and other hand made creative fashion items.

Soul Screemer - Whether you're looking for club clothing, rave clothing, or that perfect pair of cyber gothic cyberlox, Soul Screemer is your counter culture fashion head quarters!

Nomad Artz - Nomad Artz not only provides top notch entertainment that created astonishing experiences and imprints lasting memories, they are also a retailer and wholesale distributor of Middle Eastern and India arts and crafts. All of Nomad Artz home and body decor is hand selected to create a karmic balance of buying and selling. They travel in search for the passionate artisans who produce artistic goods.

Indirani - Indirani delivers breathtaking performances with a wide array of exotic fire tools, isis wings, and dance hoops. They also sell these dance accessories and more including dancing wings, fans, fire toys, hoops, and imported goodies such as belts bags and costume items.

Art by Adelaide - Adelaide creates an incomparable atmosphere. Adelaide has dedicated her life to artistic entertainment and visual art including belly dancing, stilt walking, snake charming, acro-yoga, and live art shows. Adelaide's Visual Art varies from fine line pen & ink drawings to expansive paintings swirling with vibrancy. Her images contain stories and journeys filled with meaning, many that may relate to you!

Luvlee Ladies - LL fashion apparel provides "Luvlee" sized ladies with clothing options that accentuate their natural curves in a way that inspires them with confidence, playfulness, and artistic expression. Self-love and freedom replace a "plus size" mentality. Facebook Luvlee Ladies

Shadowbox Design - Shadowbox Design finds a lot of inspiration in the aesthetics of old vaudeville and burlesque for her millinery, and custom costuming. Naia strives to make hats that will make someone wearing them feel glamorous, and connected in some way with the glamour of the past. Facebook Shadowbox

HoopCharmer - professional hoop dancer, fire performer, stilt walker and flow art dancer, she teaches hoop and fire dance workshops in San Diego and is available worldwide for various types of performance, custom hoops and instruction. As CEO of Charmed Life Entertainment, HoopCharmer is inspired to bring the joy of self expression to a venue near you!

My Nazars - Zaira is an avid belly dancer and has a love of her imported jewelry, ceramic art, crochet work and other treasures all hand made in Turkey.

Friendly Feather Shop - uses only cruelty-free, natural plumes. These feathers are undyed, unbleached, molted feathers from happy, healthy birds. Everything here is handmade by one native Californian artist, and all creations are one-of-a-kind.

Tiger Moon - Tiger Moon is a hand crafter of beautiful feather earrings, clips, bracelets, and more with a native american inspiration.

Time and Space Creations - Borrowing heavily from nature for inspiration, Stove, aka Steve Riggs, works with metal, wood, rock, and light to create his dynamic and intricate sculpture. Stove brings form, function, and nature together to create timeless pieces of art.

FanciFull Feathers - FanciFull Feathers by Susanne Dressin presents fabulous, flirty, and fun feather earrings for all occasions.

Lotus Gem - Janine is a local crafter specializing in hand-made wearable art to adorn Your body & enlighten your soul.

Rick Hargraves - From digital manipulations and detailed graphic art, to sculpture and creations with found objects, Rick's unique view of the world and his interpretation into art will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Baked - Nanci has been a baker for 15 years, now with her own fully licensed bakery in San Diego - Baked. She'll be showcasing some of her delicious and beautiful holiday decorated cookies.

Chaotic Designs - Jacob will be shoeing off his locally hand-made art ranging from messenger type bags and leather cuffs and braclets, wire wrapped rings and stones, satin cord knotted necklaces with hand spun glass pendants, as well as a few collage pieces.

Abalone King - Louis Hernandez will be displaying unique abalone jewelry, perfect for anyone on your shopping list this holiday season!

Lunavore - Lunavore brings you the best leather and feather products on the market today. Unique designs, innovative creations, and simply sexy style.

Maddie Moon - Maddie Moon is a small design company owned and operated by Madeleine Binnie. Madeleine creates her designs in San Diego and manufactures both in San Diego and Bali. She specializes in Bohemian Chic Activewear, Festival Wear, Yoga Wear.

Flidai's Closet - One of a kind wearable art- silk scarves, dance veils and much more.

Entertainment by:

Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters - Sure to rock your world and entertain the whole family, Danyavaad plays original modern gypsy rock music, with beautiful sister bellydancers The Shimmy Sisters performing with swords, snakes, hooping and more! and

Stone Train - Stone Train, lead by female songstress Krista Richards has established itself as one of SanDiego’s premier bands, consistently bringing an eclectic mix of deep soulful tunes appropriate for any venue. This group has an energy that seems to draw back devoted fans week after week.

DJ Jonny Quest - JQ plays a wide variety of music including dirty funky electro, breakbeats (nu-school as well as funky, 2-step and old-school), dnb, house and trance (deep and progressive) and dubstep/downtempo/chill. He'll be sure to have some chill beats to help you through the day!

Charis - Dynamic duo Charlotte McCleary and Zen Chris come together to provide a beautiful blend of acoustic guitar and soulful vocals.

HoopCharmer - Jennifer Quest will charm you with her dazzling hoop-dance!

Anja Indirani - Trained in many modalities, Anja will enthrall the audience with her mastery of Belly dance and use of beautiful dance props such as Isis wings & fans.

Zaira - Zaira is an avid belly dancer and student of Leilainia (of the Shimmy Sisters). Her exotic look and mesmerizing moves will catch you eye for sure!

Rizvan - Rounding out our featured art forms, Rizvan will be sharing with you some of his masterful poetry.

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